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New Foundation Theological Seminary (NFTS) provides a spirit filled educational experience in a Christ oriented environment. Our staff is dedicated to high academic standards and grounded in a biblical view that celebrates the deity of the Lord Jesus Christ. We have been providing our students with an excellent education since June 7th 2001.

Our aim is to provide students with an education in religious academics that will enhance their mind, that will in turn enhance their church, community and private life. Education is the tool that renders opportunities to improve the character of social, intellectual, economical, and personal welfare. These opportunities are made available to all who wish to stand out and excel to a higher level of biblical education.

We are a private institution for seminary learning were our primary mission is to provide the highest quality Biblical education for every gender, race, and denomination. We are committed to excellence, we strive toward perfection, we mold Christian character, we endeavor to yield forth great educators. We are accredited and entrusted to provide a range of bachelor programs and a variety of masters and doctoral programs.

It is the spirit of NFTS, the Faculty, Staff and President to provide a quality learning experience distinguished from all others. We believe it is an investment to breed eminent minds. NFTS endeavors to transcend the field of seminary learning to meet the needs of the student. Our study process at NFTS is enhanced through scriptural learning verified by the Holy Word of God.

NFTS has devised and employed a system of assessment and planned matriculation that tailors the educational experience to the needs of the student. Dr. Robert West, Sr., President of NFTS has resolved to instill in the minds of the Faculty, Staff and Students that research is a key component of biblical learning, research brings productivity in the community and the church, research is the key to economic development.

At NFTS we practice what we teach, that core values hinges on faith, trust, truth, study, leadership, accountability and responsibility. It is thereby these core values we strive to develop effective and productive graduates. NFTS exemplifies a learning institution of professionals. We provide a peaceful environment for spiritual learning, growth, enlightenment, fellowship and a community for the highly competent, as well as under prepared students who necessitate a Christian nurturing academic development.