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Q. Is all accreditation the same?

A. No. All accreditation is not the same. Accreditation has many purposes . There are several groups who accredit for different reasons. Accrediting Commission International exists to help the Religious World to obtain accreditation that is not government affiliated.


Q. Is the size of the school a requirement before a school can be a member of ACI?

A. No. Accrediting Commission International realizes that some of the most reputable colleges and universities in the world started with only a few students (Princeton, Harvard, and The College of William and Mary to name a few). ACI sees that quality cannot be finally judged by the size of the student body, the size of the buildings, and rich financial endowments. Students must receive a quality education in a proper climate to receive the education they need. We have schools with enrollments in the teens and schools with an enrollment in excess of 2,000. Size is not the final word in accreditation!


Q. How important is a library and its holdings before we can become accredited?

A. While ACI encourages the college or small school to have a vision for a library we do not reject a school on the basis of a faulty library alone. Sometimes schools have access to large public libraries or university libraries only a few blocks from the school. These can be utilized while the school is striving to obtain its own library holdings.


Q. What is the average cost for gaining membership in Accrediting Commission International?

A. Costs vary due to the travel and lodging expenses involved. The total cost usually averages around $2,300.00 from start to finish. The new school must pay a $300.00 fee when they apply. This is returned if the school, for any reason, is turned down at the time of application. The on-site fee is $1500.00. The school pays one round-trip air fare; two nights lodging; and two days car rental. We use super-saver rates for all traveling plans.


Q. Do the benefits of membership justify the cost?

A. Yes. Absolutely! One of the first questions a prospective student asks a college or school is, "Are you Accredited?" Students are looking for quality. Quality Accreditation helps point them in the right direction. Schools use our name as a referral and the testimonies of the schools who use our service are many. Hundreds of students are gained by our membership each year based on the fact that the school is accredited. The cost can easily be covered in added programs and qualities pointed to by our visitor(s).


Q. Is an on-site visit essential for every school, even if they have been accredited in the past?

A. Yes. There are several reasons for this. We realize that education today is big business. Since there is financial involvement in this business of education, there are undesirable institutions. We cannot fully know what a school is doing if we do not actually "see " first hand what they are doing. Accreditation without a personal visit is all but worthless.


Q. Does accreditation make a school "above the law of the land"?

A. No. ACI members are encouraged to work in the bounds of the laws of the country or state where they live.


Q. Do all schools who are members of ACI accept credits from other members?

A. Yes. One of our requirements is that member schools accept credits from other members if they apply to their programs.


Q. Do other schools outside ACI membership receive our credits?

A. This depends. Some schools, state governments, and industries have accepted credits etc. because of our membership. ACI makes no guarantee outside our own membership.


Q. Will ACI provide our name and address to anyone who asks?

A. Our complete mailing list is provided to our membership. We do not provide this list to the general public.


Q. Will ACI recommend our college to potential students.

A. Yes. We receive calls daily. We try to recommend schools which have the nearest to detail of the program the student is looking for. In some cases we do take into consideration geographic location of the school, but sometimes this is not necessary.


Q. Can a school be accredited who offers only correspondence courses?

A. Yes.


Q. Are ACI Schools required to observe civil rights laws where they exist?

A. Yes. ACI insists that our membership does not discriminate because of race.


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